Check out the Freeform Halloween House with me

Today I am taking a break from reviewing books to bring my lovely readers on a Spooktacular trip. This year I decided to start off October with a trip to Freeform’s Halloween House.

This year’s Halloween House was hosted at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in Hollywood. I will admit my cousin and I got a little lost looking for the entrance to the Halloween house but after teaming up with two other lost souls we managed to find the correct entrance.

After checking into the Halloween House and receiving a high tech wristband, guests are invited into a big foggy room to spin a wheel and enter for a chance to win an assortment of prizes, I won some butterfingers. Besides the cool spin wheel there was another mini game for another chance at prizes, I won more butterfingers there too.

After the mini games I was greeted with a huge line for a scream photo op. What was this scream photo op, I wondered? Was the Scream character going to pop up and spook me? I had to find out. Before entering the Scream line, I spotted this lovely library that gave me all kinds of ideas for decorating my own bookcase.

As for the Scream photo? Here it is. The booth wasn’t to scary but the phone starting ringing as soon as we sat down and I, a weenie hut jr, passed the phone to my cousin. The Scream dude did not greet us with a Wazz Up, sadly, but instead said something spooky and the lights in the booth went out. There was a big mirror in front of us and this is the exact face I made at the cool movie magic that made Scream emerge behind me. This ended up being one of my favorite pictures of the night.

After leaving the Scream booth, I entered a forest just like the one Jack Skellington enters when he discovers there are more holidays besides Halloween. The trees were complete with all the holidays such as Valentine’s day, Christmas, and Easter.

I wonder how Jack would feel about Dia de los Muertos?

So, what was behind the holiday forest? A Cemetery of course! The Cemetery had lots of headstones from tons of classic movies such as Toy story, Scooby Doo, Addams Family, and more. The headstones had some funny descriptions of how all the character’s die.

Here at the cemetery you could recreate the most iconic scene from the Nightmare before Christmas and dress like Sally and Jack.

I opted out of the costume, but the picture still looked great.

After leaving the cemetery, I entered another iconic movie cemetery, this time from Hocus Pocus. The Hocus Pocus portion of this event was massive! There were so many opportunities to recreate scenes from the movie. Here are just a few of mine.

After leaving fictional Salem, I climbed up some stairs and had to choose between three rooms: Addams family, Oogie Boggie’s gambling den, and the treehouse of horror. I decided to see what the Addams family room had in store first.

I skipped on the photo op for this room, but they had angel wings and cape props for you to wear.

Addams family room

The line for Oogie boogie’s gambling hall was huge! The line almost went into the Addam’s family room. An attendant nearby suggested we take our photos at the treehouse horror first and pop into the other line as that would make the wait shorter.

The Treehouse horror Photo

And here is me attempting to jump the line and slide into Oogie’s lair undetected.

Finally, at Oogie’s lair guests were given another opportunity to spin a giant wheel for tricks or treats. My prima spun treat and ended up taking home a Zen coloring book of Nightmare before Christmas characters, I spun trick and left with a mummy finger puppet, which I lost during the car ride home. The other game in Oogie’s liar involved rolling big dice for the chance to win more prizes. What was that prize? Beats me, I ended up winning a plastic spider.

After Oogie’s liar I was ready to head home and eat some pizza before bed.

I am not one for big spooks during Halloween season, and I have yet to visit Mickey’s Halloween Party, so the freeform Halloween house was just right for me. What I liked about this Halloween House were all the props you could wear for your photos. I thought it was interactive to be able to dress like these characters for your photos. There are professional cameras at all the photo ops stations and with a scan of the high tech wristband given upon entry, photos are sent to your email. That was very cool! I think the Halloween House is worth adding to your list of fall activities if you’re tired of pumpkin patches.

Tickets for this year’s house were $27 and children under 13 were not allowed entry. I’m not sure about the age restriction as there was not anything overly scary.

Have a Spooky Halloween,


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