I went to Freeform’s halloween road and I wasn’t feeling it.

Every year Freeform throws a Halloween bash in Los Angeles for spooky lovers. I’ve previously attended their 2019 event, and I loved it. I could not wait to attend their next one. And I managed to snag tickets for this year!

Here’s how it went.

This year’s event opened at the Los Angeles Heritage museum, which is full of classic Victorian homes, and thanks to coordinators at Freeform, the houses were full of Halloween decor. As soon as the event began, all attendees received tote bags to trick or treat in.

We also received a map with details of each treat station as well as photo ops. (no picture included because I tossed my map).

Dog hair and fuzz was not included but I did notice that this bag does get easily dirty. Still cute! I love this bag.

After begging for candy, stepping in loose dirt, and swatting mosquitos, we arrived at a giant pumpkin entrance.  We were officially in Halloween town.

In Halloweentown you could snap pictures in a the mayor’s car, in front of town hall, with some blown up props, and a tub full of weapons.

Further down was a cemetery with some familiar tombstones.

And as you walk further you’ll stumble into the Sanderson sisters and Billy Buterson himself.

On the left side of the path, Oogie Boogie has his own gambling stations where you can receive some prizes.

And further down, you can play electric chair with Wednesday Adams or say hi to Lester.

You can also catch the FREE Sanderson’s sister drag show.

The last photo op was a picture with some ghostbusters and their ride. 

Now, if you’ve read my previous freeform Halloween house blog, then a lot of this will sound familiar. The cemetery, the Sanderson sister props, oogie boogie’s gambling hall, even the Nightmare before Christmas props were all the same. I tried not to take pictures with the same props again.

And that’s why I was disappointed. The event reused a lot of their props from the previous event I attended, and the only new thing were the paid actors you could interact with.

Although I thought the trick or treating aspect was creative and a perfect addition, I preferred the previous 2019 event. I felt like I was able to interact with more props and able to snap more pictures since socializing with actors makes me anxious.

However, If you can attend the event, I think it’s worth enjoying at least once.


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