An Electric Sequel to Neon Gods

Hey blog readers I have returned for another year of sharing and reviewing all things bookish. If you loved the novel Neon Gods, then you’ll probably enjoy its electric sequel as much as I did.

Electric Idol is the dazzling sequel to Katee Roberts’ successful Neon Gods. These novels reinterpret the Greek legends many of us are familiar with and give them an aristocratic touch as well as a modern setting.


Psyche Demeter’s content is to keep to herself and play up her public image. But when Pysche’s mother begins to drop hints that her daughter should grow closer to the new Zeus. But this only irritates Aphrodite, who decides Psyche’s a threat and sends Eros, her son, to murder her. But Eros has a soft spot for Pysche because she helped him clean a nasty bullet wound. So when Eros summons Pysche to a secluded bar, he’s prepared to give her a peaceful death but proposes to her instead. 

Psyche’s wild for deciding to marry her personal assassin, but if she wants Aphrodite to back off, marrying her son is the only solution. Plus, Eros is super attractive, but Psyche’s priority is to protect her heart, and she’ll use exposure therapy to quell her crush on Eros. But Eros’ always thought Psyche was gorgeous, and having her live with him only increases his attraction. The pair are fighting a losing battle, and giving into their attraction is the logical next step. But as the newlyweds are getting to know each other, Aphrodite has not given up her quest to end Psyche leaving Eros to decide between his mother and his wife.

“You might be a
monster, but you’re my monster.”

Electric Idol
by Katee Robert


I did not think I would enjoy this sequel so much. I am a Hades and Persophone girlie all the way. God of the underworld romance sign me up! Why else would Gods of Jade and Shadow be my favorite novel?

However, Electric Idol was a great read! First off, this novel gives us a plus size Psyche! Which I felt added a layer to Psyche’s beef with Aphrodite as well as a comment on modern standards of beauty. Aphrodite hates Psyche because she has the opportunity to marry Zeus and rule Olympus, and she cannot stand to see her in power. Additionally, she’s threatened by Psyche’s beauty, and she belittles her because of it. I am from the states, and curves were not viewed as beautiful until recent years. I felt like perhaps Roberts was commenting on that in Electric Idol. And I loved the nuisance it added to their relationship.

Neon Gods gave us LGBTIA+ protagonists, and Electric Idols continues this with Pysche and Eros. I love this because at the end of the day these characters are based off the legends of an ancient civilization, so why not have them be sexually fluid too. It’s iconic if you ask me. Plus, we are in modern times too, so it makes perfect sense to have more characters who are LGBTQIA+.

If you missed some of the characters from Neon Gods, dont worry because they make appearences in Electric Idol. Hades and Persophone have a few scenes in this novel, and they are married in this sequel. Hermes and Dionysus, the chaos duo of this series, make a return! I cannot recall if Roberts explicitly touched on Hermes race in Neon Gods, but in Electric Idol, she’s described as a gorgeous black woman.

This novel has a wild twist at the end that wraps up the involvement between the new Zeus and the Demeter sisters. I did not expect this plot twist at all, but that’s mostly because I forgot Calisto was one of the Demeter sisters until I read this sequel.

“It takes someone special to live among monsters and not become one.”

Electric Idol
by Katee Robert

Regardless, the plot twist left me shocked! I am eager to see if the author would continue their story because I am intrigued!

This story sets up the next installment, a Helen of Troy retelling. From what I know of Helen’s story she’s one hot girl, and men have started wars in her honor. So, I am excited to see how Roberts interprets her story.

That’s all I have for today’s post until next time friends you can find me living in libros,


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