My Top Ten Reads of 2022

2022 has been quite a year. There have been moments of utter bliss as complete sadness. But I am grateful that this year has brought me. Now onto the books. At the end of each year, I love to look back at all the books I’ve read and share my favorite reads of the year. 

This year I’ve read a little out of my comfort zone and dipped my toes into horror! And I’ve also decided that the friends-to-lovers trope isn’t so bad.

Please note some of the novels on this list are published by Harper Collins and their employees have been on strike since November 10. As a book reviewer I fully support the strike, but they’ve asked readers not to review any books published by HarperCollins at this time. Although I’ve reviewed some of these books before the strike, I will not be restating my thoughts now. You can read more about the union’s efforts to secure fair wages and donate to the strike fund or follow their Instagram page.

The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa

Publisher: Avon books

HarperCollins imprint

Ten Trends to Seduce your best friend by Penny Reid

Another faking it till you fall in love book. I loved Ten Trends to seduce your best friend because the protagonists have a messy start to their friendship. And yet their misunderstandings bloom into the softest slow burn I’ve had the pleasure of reading


From Lukov with love by Natalia Zapata

I am a fool for any and every ice-skating type of media but From Lukov with Love is a favorite because of the utter hatred and childish antics between the two leads. The pair knew exactly what buttons to push, and the build to their romance was so satisfying. 

A proposal they cant refuse by Natalie Caña

Publisher: Mira

A HarperCollins Imprint

A lot like Adios by Alexis Daria

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Harpercollins imprint

Accidentally Amy by Lynn Painter

This office romance is simply adorable. I loved that both protagonists fought so hard to remain friends despite their overlapping hobbies and attraction! And Isabella naming her cat the Darkling was the cherry on top!

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia

I am a weenie for horror, but as an SMG fan, I suck it up. Mexican Gothic was a chilling take on horror, and I loved the final plot twist at the end.


Inadequate Heir by Danielle L. Jensen

This sequel series was hotter than the original Bridge Kingdom Duology. I loved the star-crossed love story and the fact that Keris is more of a nerd than a warrior like his sister. 

Garlic and the vampire by Bree Paulsen

Publisher: Quill Tree Books

A Harpercollins Imprint

Our Way back to Always by Nina Moreno

This friends-to-lovers novel brought me back to my favorite fictional town Port Coral. But it was the chemistry between both of the protagonists that made me reconsider my stance on friends to lovers.

Honorable mentions:

The Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

I’ll have a longer post on this series in the new year, but I really enjoyed this series and its characters.

I am Glad my mom Died by Jeanette McCurdy

I loved the way Jeanette tells her story because you can hear the emotion in her words. I hope she’s able to do more of what she loves in the future.

These were my top ten reads of 2022 but 2023 is going to be a great book year too and I cannot wait to read some of my most anticipated reads! Don’t be shy share your Favorite book this year in the comments.

until next time you can find me living in libros,


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