Quarantine Christmas: Let’s go to Stars Hollow

Hey readers! I hope you’re having a happy holidays staying safe and dodging covid. This year has looked a lot different than what we are all used to. So to lighten the mood I thought I’d share one of my best 2020 experiences. Disclaimer I went to this pop up before covid was considered a pandemic in the U.S. and before everything was shut down in March.

In the beginning of 2020 I started the year by visiting Stars Hollow Connecticut, or as it’s know in Hollywood- Burbank, California.

An excited young woman in gold hoops stands in front of a sign with arrows pointing towards Town square, Lunch with Lorelei, Luke's diner, Lorelai's house, Star's Hollow High school, and Doose's Market.
As you can see I was muy excited

The Stars Hollow tour was included in the regular ticket price of the WB tour. During the tour I got to see where they filmed many big blockbuster as well as popular shows such as Pretty little liars, Young Sheldon, and Conan. The tour also included walking through their props department and peeping some of the props from the hit show “Lucifer”. At the time they had just paused filming, so I was eyeing the props for clues lol.

At the end of the tour we were let loose at the gift shop but a little ways away was the Stars Hollow event and we were free to wander and hang out for as long as we pleased. It was magical.

A young woman in blue plaid shirt and jeans stands on the steps leading to Lorelei's house.
I may not look so excited but I was!

Lorelei’s house was what caught my attention immediately! It was like walking into the childhood home of my dreams (yes I’ve been rewatching reruns of this show since I was 10). I really loved all the Christmas decorations and the Christmas lights they had adorned the house with.

The house looks just as it does in the show except it’s a little smaller. There’s an entryway with a mirror to check yourself out in then your immediately in Rory’s room.

A narrow twin bed with a pink comforter. Draped over the bed is v neck chilton baseball tee. Also laying on the bed some classic literary texts, an old macbook, and fluffy pillows.

Rory’s bed is super narrow! How did Alexis and Jared squeeze into this bed?!

Of course I had to check out Rory’s desk.

I really love how the selfie of me at Rory’s desk turned out.

Rory’s room was absent of her tall bookshelf so these were the only books I caught in her room. I do like the dusty and classic look of the History of the Peloponnesian war, the story of lady Churchill, and Oliver Twist.

Directly across Rory’s room was the living room so you could take photos on Lorelei’s couch. It was a pretty comfy couch.

There wasn’t a kitchen in the house but they did have some clothes the actors wore on displayed and the second story was used for storage so nothing too exciting.

A very excieted young woman sits cross legged in front of Lorelei's beige jeep.
In this photo you can see me wearing the Luke’s diner uniform, a plaid long sleeve, and jeans.

To be quiet honest I was most excited about taking a photo with Lorelei’s iconic jeep.

Next on the tour was the Stars Hollow Square. Yes the iconic gazebo was also here.

And the snowman from the snowman competition were built and displayed!

A skinny snowman in a black wig and a scarf is sandwhiched between two well built snowmen.
If you look closely, you can also see the church which was also used in Pretty Little Liars.

Let’s head over to stars hollow high!

A young woman in blue plaid stands in front of some tall columns and a sign that reads Stars Hollow High.

I’ve owned Lauren Graham’s book, Talking as Fast as I Can for three years and I have yet to crack it open. I knew I wanted to recreate the open mouth cover and here’s my best attempt!

Now let’s go grab some devil’s eggs from Doose’s market!

The fruit and veggies were fake but I loved the way it was set up. It really felt like I was walking through Stars Hollow.

And last but not least! Luke’s diner!

I’m ready to head in and grab some pancakes and bacon! Those are all my pictures I have from this wonderful tour! If you want to take it too. Keep an eye an the WB webpage. Perhaps they’ll off the tour again after covid.

What fictional movie or tv show set would you happily walk through?

until next time I’ll be living in Stars Hollow!

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