The Lost Sisters aka Taryn finally explains why she did her sister so DIRTY

I always wondered how Taryn could allow her sister, Jude, to get her heart broken by Locke when she was engaged to the man. The Lost Sisters is a short novella taking place after The Cruel Prince, but before Wicked King and according to my friend Ashley I needed to read it before Wicked King. Written as a letter to Jude, The Lost Sister is Taryn explaining the events leading up to her engagement. The Cruel Prince left me skeptical of Taryn but I’m willing to hear her out.

Taryn begins her letter by telling the story of a young woman who had many suitors, one of them being a charming Fox. The young woman decides to marry the fox, but when she sneaks out to his house, she discovers the bodies of his previous brides rotting away in the foyer. The young woman hides just as the fox arrives with his newest corpse and cuts off her foot. The young woman then uses the severed limb to expose him and get out of her engagement.

All in all, Taryn’s story should warn us all how badly she messed up.

According to Taryn, Locke approached her first asking what she’d do if he came to her window at night. Taryn says something flirty such as come and find out, and the two begin making out and probably having sex in her room too. That’s at least what I’m assuming is happening.

Taryn soon notices that Locke keeps eyeing up Jude, which makes Taryn angry and jealous. However, Locke convinces her that in order to keep their relationship a secret from Cardan and his gang of bullies, he needs to appear to be outwardly dating Jude. Taryn allows this because she thinks she’s in love, and her man is making some valid points.

Cardan is a smart prince and figures it all out; he confronts Taryn and tells her that she can be just as cruel as him for allowing Locke to play her sister. Taryn knows he’s right and starts to cry. This is when Jude beats Cardan up as seen in the events of The Cruel Prince.

Taryn comes up with the genius plan to get Locke to marry her, or she’ll expose him for the snake he is.  Locke agrees but gives Taryn three conditions: she cannot tell anyone about their relationship until after Prince Dain’s coronation, she can’t renounce him during that time either, and lastly to remember, that fairies don’t love the way humans do. That third condition makes me think that Locke is going to have affairs or continue to emotionally hurt Taryn. Taryn agrees to his terms, of course, and the novella ends with her begging Jude for forgiveness.

“Let’s start with a love story. Or maybe it’s another horror story. It seems like the difference is mostly in where the endings come.”

Holly Black

This novella didn’t change my feelings about Taryn. I still hate her. Taryn has the opportunity to leave Locke when Jude and Cardan are being all sneaky and plotting to steal the crown, but she still won’t break it off. I don’t feel bad for her. I’m starting to think she is only going to get herself into a deeper mess as the series continues. Just leave the land of faerie Tumeric! Go live with big sis Viviene, forget the fairies!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I have nothing else to add to this review beside that Taryn is too much, and she better help her sister out in the next book. My rating for this novella is 3 stars. Also, I see why Ashley made me read this novella, but it hasn’t told me stuff I didn’t already know. So, I would recommend reading it while you wait for your copy of Wicked King to arrive.

If you want to see another review of this book check out this one I found on goodreads that made me laugh.

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