Book review: Love times Infinity

Hi, Book Lovers, I hope you have your library cards or wallet at the ready because today I’m reviewing Love Times Infinity. Love times Infinity is Lane Clarke’s debut novel and consider adding this to your tbr because it just became one of my favorites.


Mitchie dreams of attending Brown University but she struggles to write her entrance essays because she’s never expressed herself so personally. Mitchie has a complicated  relationship with her mother and they have not spoken for ten years. She also attempted suicide the year before but Mitchie is slowly healing. 

Then Derek De La Rosa transfers to Mitchie’s school and he’s cute, patient, and understanding. And for the first time Mitchie feels like she can open up to her best friend Jojo and Derek. But then Mitchie learns that her mother wants to meet and Mitchie has questions only her mother can answer. Luckily she has two best friends that are more than up for a cross country adventure.


Love Times Infinity packs an emotional punch and it explores some heavy topics. But that’s what makes it a great read. This story is character driven and explores Mitchie’s journey as she processes her trauma and opens up to others. As I mentioned in the summary, Mitchie has an estranged relationship with her mother because she is the product of rape and Mitchie struggles with her existence and whether she deserves love.

While I was excited to read this story because of the romance I did a complete 180 and instantly adored Mitchie’s character. The romance is not the main focus of this story however it is very sweet to read Mitchie and Derek’s sweet friendship and their descent into love.

Derek’s a great love interest but he has a really cool backstory too. Derek transfers in from San Francisco after the death of his grandfather. But Derek’s family is well off. His mother is a black surgeon and his father owns a tech company that works with the military. Derek plays basketball but is also an honor student and a great friend.

Derek’s great but Mitchie’s bff Jojo is just as iconic. Jojo has an interesting family life with a mother who lives as a college professor in another state and an absent father who frequently allows her access to his credit card. Jojo and Mitchie both have an estranged relationship with their mothers which allows them to bond. But while Mitchie sometimes acts as the voice of reason Jojo is a more adventures and encourages Mitchie to break the rules every now and again.

Mitchie allows herself to confess the secret of her birth to both Derek and Jojo. And it only brings these friends closer. After a chaotic English class, Derek and Jojo become besties and throughout the rest of the novel they become the cutest and most chaotic friends. When Mitchie decides she wants to confront her mother Jojo is the first to buy tickets and invite Derek on the trip. And both Derek and Jojo continue to give Mitchie emotional support throughout the trip. This show of friendship and love really made me fall in love with this book because it was a super sweet found family moment.

The title of this novel inspires thoughts of t-shirts and cutesy graphics. So it’s only safe for one to assume that this novel is a term of endearment to a young teen couple. But it’s not in this case! Love times Infinity is how Mitchie and her grandmother sign off their I love yous. 

And I think that’s a thousand times more precious.

Love Times Infinitely is a powerful and fun debut novel by Lane Clarke. It’s an easy read but has some heavy themes. I a thousand percent recommend this novel.

Content Warning: Grief, mentions of rape and abortion, mention of suicide attempt,

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