Concluding the Brooklyn Brujas trilogy

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Hello readers and feliz dia de muertos! I hope you have been eating celebrating with love ones. If you want to read a dia de los muertos story written by yours truly you can read Limon y Sal on this site or Wattpad.

Today I want to review Wayward Witch, the final novel in the Brooklyn Brujas series. The series revolves around three teen sisters who come into their magic powers and accidentally turn their lives inside out. For example, in the first novel middle sister, Alex accidentally sends her entire family to the underworld. The second novel deals with the eldest sister, Lula angering the goddess of death.

Rose Mortiz prides herself on being the ruler follower amongst her sisters. However, when Rose casts a truth spell on her death day, she ends up learning more than she ever wanted from her family. 

“I’m supposed to be the good one. The bruja who studies dusty tomes and respects her magical lineage. The sister who doesn’t trap her family in another dimension or raise an army of heart-chomping zombies.”

Zoriada Cordova Wayward Witch


On the night of Rose’s death day, the day in which all brujas receive their ancestor’s blessing for their powers, Rose casts a truth spell on everyone at the party. Consequently, Rose learns that her father has been lying to their family about his memory loss. When Rose confronts him, the pair end up chased in the woods and then kidnapped to the Kingdoms of Adas, a land of fairies located in the Caribbean. The Ada’s king strikes a deal with Rose- if Rose can discover the root of why the kingdom of Adas is decaying, she may leave safely with her father.


The beginning of this novel made me laugh out loud. At her death day party, Rose hides from her relatives and reads until her sisters coaxed her out to dance. While this is happening, Rose is roasting her sisters in her head. 

I loved this opening of this novel because it frames Rose as the loving younger sister. Additionally, we learn that Rose is just as confused about the extent of her powers as we all were.

In this photo you get an inclusive glimpse of my flu shot bandage

However, as Rose and her father stumble into the Kingdom of Adas and Rose teams up with the other guardians of Adas, I grew bored. I think the source of my boredom stemmed from my impatience to figure out what exactly is causing the decay and my lack of interest in Rose’s love interest. There were other cool characters such as beings from other dimensions, a mermaid, and a brujex who creates portals! But I still found myself stumbling through the pages.

The ending of this novel immediately snapped me out of my dazed. The conclusion of Wayward Witch is plot twist after plot twist and ultimately made me like the story.

Wayward Witch ties up most of the loose ends in the series. I say most because, despite the happy ending, readers do not get a conclusion about Nova. At the beginning of Wayward Witch, he decides to leave the Mortiz to search for a cure to his curse. I wish Nova had a bigger role in this novel. Cordova has stated that she has plans for Nova in the future, so maybe there will be a Nova stand-alone novel. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

My final review for Wayward Witch is 3.5 stars. If you like novels with fairies, definitely check this one out but don’t forget to read the rest of the Brooklyn Brujas novels.

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