K-dramas for bookish babes!

Hello book nerds!

In today’s post, I want to give some K-drama recs for book lovers. Korean dramas are television series produced in Korea, and they range from a variety of genres such as romance, crime, melodrama, or science fiction. I enjoy the romance ones.

 If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m either finishing a K-drama or starting a new one.  If you’re new to K-dramas, or just curious about all the hype, I hope you find this list helpful.

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Books I did not finish (DNFed) in May

Sorry for the delayed posts but I felt that I needed to take a step back from publishing reviews on this blog and listen. As many of you know by know, the death of George Floyd sparked a revolution and I felt that my energy could better be spent sharing/signing petitions, donating, and listening.

Just because the movement appears to be fizzling out, our work is not done. Systematic racism and the oppression of Black bodies has always been an issue in the U.S and moving forward we must continue to listen and undo the racial bias in ourselves.

Sign these petitons

Beware donating to change.org as that money go directly to the company





If you’re still looking to donate check out these organizations




These are just a short list of resources for more ways to help, check out this Carrd


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October Review

Remember when I made my October reading list a thick stack of Spooky literature? I had Cute Spooky books such as Babysitters Coven and Mooncakes, to Nostalgic Spooky with Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel, to Mystery Spooks with Wicked Fox and Ninth House. I knew my October TBR was ambitious, but after completing my Latinx heritage month reading binge, I felt extra powerful.

Apollo cosplaying as a ghost

I started October by reading Permanent Record, a book that was not on my spooks list. However, Permanent Record decided that it was the book that I needed to start my October by arriving early at the library. Since Permanent Record arrived at the library during the first week of October, I simply could not refuse adding it to my pile.

I enjoyed the book, but it was not getting into the spooky spirit. In fact, Permanent Record had more of a winter in February feel.

Next, I decided to jump on the nostalgia boat and pick up Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel. I saw this title all over Instagram last year, and although the reviews for it were not that great, my stubborn heart wanted to know more about Max and Alison. My fave couple turned out just fine, Alison as a lawyer and Max as a history teacher, oh, and they have a daughter named Poppy. However, my curiosity about Alison and Max could not keep me entertained throughout the book.

Hocus Pocus is a movie that premiered in the 90s and stars famous babes, Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker. Freeform is streaming Hocus Pocus every day in October for this year’s 31 Nights of Halloween. Given all these factors, I felt that the 200-page novelization of the movie was unnecessary. Although the novelization of the movie would guide new readers through the cult classic, a recap would have been quicker.

I considered myself a Hocus Pocus expert because I grew up watching this movie so, I decided to skip this whole section. Once I moved onto The All New Sequel, I realized I made a mistake because the characters bring up the legend of Elizabeth Sanderson. Someone who is not in the movie at all, but was added to this story for the sequel.

I flipped back to the beginning to find out who Elizabeth was and then returned to the present-day chapters. I was hoping to settle into the sequel with this additional information, but I could not. Poppy was bland and uninteresting her hobbies, included photography and a crush on her best friend. Once the story kicks off, Poppy and her friends sneak into the Sanderson Sister Cottage and summon the Sisters which results in horrible consequences very much like the original movie. But in order for the sisters to anchor themselves to this realm, they must trade their places in hell with Max, Alison, and Dani. At this point in the story, I was bored. I didn’t care about these characters anymore and I began my next read.

My next book was The Babysitters Coven, one of my most anticipated reads. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely read any future sequels. Check out my review here.

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The Fourth book I read for October was Wicked Fox, and I found this book to be more interesting. I loved the reading about the mythology of the Gumiho and the way the author used Korean words in the dialogue. However, this book is heavy on the teen angst, and towards the end, I was tired of it. You can read my full review here.

Although I did not read as many books as I did in September, I still managed to get into the spooky spirit.

I got to visit the Freeform Halloween House

And a pumpkin patch

Besides these spooky activities I also got to hang out with my friends from university for the first time since graduation.

How was your October? Did you read anything good or enjoy a fun fall activity?

Until my next review continue living in libros,


BookOutlet Haul and Review

So, I recently discovered BookOutlet and after looking at the prices I was sold not gonna lie. So, I decided hey, might as well place an order. I was little iffy on the books I should buy, and cross checked the reviews from Goodreads cause, I can get picky. After a couple of days, I decided eff it and placed an order.

I think what makes BookOutlet special from other online bookstores is that they have two options when you buy books, you can either buy the bargain copy, which the site says are bought new from the publishers and sometimes will still have the stickers of the store it was originally returned from. The second option is what they call a scratch and dent copy which are books with cosmetic damages or missing dust jackets. Scratch and dent copies are also cheaper than the bargain version. I went with the bargain copies because I read new and was like whoa they must be perfect. But after looking at the website some more I realized  that bargain books can have minor cosmetic damages too.

So, I’m feeling good I got my books a day early. In total this haul includes 7 books and my total came up to $35.93 plus free shipping. What a deal! I could probably get 3 or 4 books with that amount on amazon.

The Haul

So, I opened my box and the first thing I noticed was the pretty cover of American Gods by Neil Gaiman.


The second thing I noticed was my copy of Crooked Kingdom and those iconic red pages. I also noticed that some pages were kind of bent. But I didn’t consider this a big deal the pages could be straighten by a stack of books. Plus, I was already blown away by the beautiful art inside of the cover.

So, then I start going through the rest of my books and I noticed a lot of them had bent pages. Who hurt them? My copy of Love Sugar Magic which I planned to give to my cousin as a gift had some rips, they weren’t that deep though and never on the text itself.


So, after discovering this I was a little bummed that the books were a bit rough around the edges. Well after I got over that I decided that they weren’t so bad and that this haul was still a success because I did receive a lot of books. I still plan to buy from them because their books are a deal and you can get so many!

Also for the bent pages my copy of Crooked Kingdom is back to normal after having some books stacked on top of it.

In conclusion, BookOutlet is great! Although if you’re planning to buy books as gifts I would keep in mind the minor cosmetic damages. I will probably still end up giving the books I planned to give as gifts anyways.