Books I did not finish (DNFed) in May

Sorry for the delayed posts but I felt that I needed to take a step back from publishing reviews on this blog and listen. As many of you know by know, the death of George Floyd sparked a revolution and I felt that my energy could better be spent sharing/signing petitions, donating, and listening.

Just because the movement appears to be fizzling out, our work is not done. Systematic racism and the oppression of Black bodies has always been an issue in the U.S and moving forward we must continue to listen and undo the racial bias in ourselves.

Sign these petitons

Beware donating to as that money go directly to the company

If you’re still looking to donate check out these organizations

These are just a short list of resources for more ways to help, check out this Carrd

When I first began my book blog, I never dnfed books. Even books that bored me or made no sense, I forced myself to finish them, and in the end, I’d write a review tainted by my frustration.

Now in 2020, I have gotten better about this. I want to be able to explain why some of these books bored me because Goodreads doesn’t have a did not finish option.


I hadn’t meant to dnf this book. I ended my Amazon Prime membership and assumed this book would be available on kindle unlimited. In short, I played myself.

Adorkable is a teen romance story with friends to lovers and fake dating tropes. The writing is a bit juvenile, but I didn’t mind it. All in all, I’m curious about how this story will end but not interested enough to buy it.

Cin d’rella

This story is Cinderella retelling with a modern dystopian setting sprinkled in with other well know fairytale characters. Cin, is summoned from her home to enroll at an elite boarding school whose main goal is to wake a sleeping princess. Cin’s love interest is a Prince, a member of the family in charge of this city who benefit from keeping the Princess asleep.

The plot of this novel is super interesting, but the writing wasn’t for me. This novel begins with Cin as a young girl rather than as a teen, which I was fine with at first, but every chapter that did not have a time skip was frustrating.

I wanted to move away from the world-building and character development and get deep into the story. I believe I would have enjoyed this book more if it began with Cin as a teenager.

Pinch of Sugar

Alice wakes one morning to find herself on the set of a reality baking show thanks to her boyfriend. Alice is about to quit the show when she locks eyes with Sebastian Cove, her celebrity crush.

Luckily for Alice, Sebastian is also instantly attracted to her.

This book held my interest in the beginning. Alice breaks up with her boyfriend on national television and is definitely going to hook up with Sebastian. However, when I peeked in Sebastian’s head, I realized he’s much older than Alice and has a hard-on at the judge’s table.

I got to go.

Sebastian did not pass my vibe check as he was giving me an arrogant male vibe. I can’t stand those love interests.

Did you dnf a book this month? If so tell me about it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time I’ll be living in libros,


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