2018 Review and 2019 Resolutions


Hello Friends,

Today I wanted to make a non book review given that 2018 is coming to an end I wanted to check on (and let’s be real roast myself) my 2018 goals as well as set new goals for 2019.

Here were my 2018 Resolutions

  1. Read More YA Books

Yes definitely! This year I set myself a reading challenge of 40 books and a majority of the books I read this year were YA.

2. Finish Writing one story

Ehhh. Kind of. I wrote a couple of short stories this year, which you can find here on my blog. But nothing novel length which was what I meant with this resolution

3. Write more Poetry

Nope! Although since I am going to a poetry conference in Mexico during this upcoming year I’ve been writing down some poetry fragments in preparation. Maybe next year.

4. Take more Pictures

Me amongst Sunflowers that were burnt by the California Sun

Yes! My whole Instagram was about taking pictures and getting the best angles. As well as my blog.

5. Get a Driver’s License

Close! Well this goal was a bit ambitious as I needed my permit first. However, I did get my permit this year and have been practicing. Hopefully next year I’ll be doing my library hauls solo.

6. Save More

-.- Nope. Can you say Treat yo’ Self.

2019 Resolutions

  1. Learn to Drive

Well now that I have my permit I want to continue practicing until I have the full confidence to drive on my own.

2. Write More

Unlike last year’s finish a story, for 2019 I want to be surrounding by all kinds of short stories, poems, and longer fiction works.

3. Travel

In 2017 I traveled almost all of the California Coast. From LA to Big Sur to Crescent City then onwards to Portland and Seattle. I visited Capitola hung out with my cousins in San Francisco and got to eat Thai food in Berkley. In 2018 I visited Big Sur and Big Bear and for 2019 I really want to go back to Portland and finally visit Santa Cruz. Hopefully 2019 it’ll happen.

4. Perfect that Skin Care Routine

I feel like I finally know what products really work well with my skin and I want to continue giving my skin all that goodness. But if I’m honest I slack on my skin care routine sometimes and fall asleep before washing my face. So for 2019 I want to have an active skin care regime.

5. Work on those Photography skills

I love posting on Instagram and on this blog but I don’t really know my Canon Camera as well as I should. And for 2019 I want to learn how to fiddle with all the settings in order to get the perfect shot.

6. Walk more

I really want to get back into the habit of walking again. I did it a lot in 2017 but slacked a bit in 2018, mostly out of fear. However, in 2019 I want to take back this hobby because it was honestly so relaxing and I really enjoyed being able to clear my mind and get fresh air.

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