BookOutlet Haul and Review

So, I recently discovered BookOutlet and after looking at the prices I was sold not gonna lie. So, I decided hey, might as well place an order. I was little iffy on the books I should buy, and cross checked the reviews from Goodreads cause, I can get picky. After a couple of days, I decided eff it and placed an order.

I think what makes BookOutlet special from other online bookstores is that they have two options when you buy books, you can either buy the bargain copy, which the site says are bought new from the publishers and sometimes will still have the stickers of the store it was originally returned from. The second option is what they call a scratch and dent copy which are books with cosmetic damages or missing dust jackets. Scratch and dent copies are also cheaper than the bargain version. I went with the bargain copies because I read new and was like whoa they must be perfect. But after looking at the website some more I realized  that bargain books can have minor cosmetic damages too.

So, I’m feeling good I got my books a day early. In total this haul includes 7 books and my total came up to $35.93 plus free shipping. What a deal! I could probably get 3 or 4 books with that amount on amazon.

The Haul

So, I opened my box and the first thing I noticed was the pretty cover of American Gods by Neil Gaiman.


The second thing I noticed was my copy of Crooked Kingdom and those iconic red pages. I also noticed that some pages were kind of bent. But I didn’t consider this a big deal the pages could be straighten by a stack of books. Plus, I was already blown away by the beautiful art inside of the cover.

So, then I start going through the rest of my books and I noticed a lot of them had bent pages. Who hurt them? My copy of Love Sugar Magic which I planned to give to my cousin as a gift had some rips, they weren’t that deep though and never on the text itself.


So, after discovering this I was a little bummed that the books were a bit rough around the edges. Well after I got over that I decided that they weren’t so bad and that this haul was still a success because I did receive a lot of books. I still plan to buy from them because their books are a deal and you can get so many!

Also for the bent pages my copy of Crooked Kingdom is back to normal after having some books stacked on top of it.

In conclusion, BookOutlet is great! Although if you’re planning to buy books as gifts I would keep in mind the minor cosmetic damages. I will probably still end up giving the books I planned to give as gifts anyways.

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